The Hat

The Hat 2.3

The Hat allows you to pick random names or pair of names from a list
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The Hat is another simple tool provided by Harmony Hollow Software. The program can sort a list of items in a haphazard way, which can be used for picking players of games or situations that require a random partner. The resorted list can be printed and exported to a plain text file.

The developers of this program insist on using it for 'name lists', however it can be used with lists of telephone numbers, email addresses, codes and more.

The program can also pick an item from the list randomly, which is useful, for example, when picking a random winner of a lottery competition, or it can also work as a random number generator.

Additionally, you can select a random pair automatically from your list. This feature can be used by professors to assign projects or researches. It can also be used in games to select partners in two players games.

The program displays these random selections through a pretty animation show with sound options. The program can import the list of items from a text file and from your Windows clipboard. In addition, you can add items one by one manually through the program's interface.

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